Chapter History

Delta Zeta was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio on Oct. 24, 1902.

When Alfa Lloyd, Mary Collins, Anna Keen, Julia Bishop, Mabelle Minton and Anne Simmons came together in 1902 to form a social sorority, they had a vision of lifetime sisterhood. The girls quickly bonded, as they faced the challenges of starting a sorority on a male-dominated campus. Because only fraternities were established at Miami Univeristy, the six women consulted with President Guy Potter Benton in hopes that he would help them accomplish their dreams.
Dr. Benton aided in preparation of the badge and colors, as well as rituals. The girls received the Articles of Incorporation from the state of Ohio on October 24, 1902 which made Delta Zeta the first sorority founded at Miami University. 
Delta Zeta has grown to be one of the largest sororities in the world with over 165 collegiate chapters and over 250 alumnae chapters. 
In October of 1983, thirteen women joined together, united by a purpose to build sisterhood at Tarleton State University.
After nearly a semester of meetings, on December 15, 1983 working under the colors of turquoise and yellow and living under the symbol of the scepter, Zetas were granted charter by Tarleton State University. In September of 1984, Lisa Straub, a field representative of the Delta Zeta International Sorority came to Tarleton.
On October 30, Zetas became the new Delta Zeta pledges. The founders felt Delta Zeta represented the same ideals that they began with in the fall on 1983. By incorporating Delta Zeta into the Zeta colony, the growth continued.
After many long hours of hard work from the colony members and field representative, Janet Bailey, the chapter was officially installed on April 19, 1985. 
Delta Zeta Quick Facts
Founded: October 24, 1902 Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Founders: Alfa Lloyd, Mary Collins, Anna Keen, Julia Bishop, Mabelle Minton, and Anne Simmons

Colors: Rose and green

Flower: Pink Killarney rose 

Jewel: Diamond 

Badge: Roman Lamp 

Mascot: Turtle